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The doctors working in the Department are involved in many research projects.

The Head of the Department – Prof. Sergiusz Jóźwiak, PhD, MD is the coordinator of large-scale collaborative project within the 7th Framework Programme of European Community – EPISTOP ( The aim of this project is understanding the mechanisms of epilepsy development and treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy. In this project, leaded by prof. Jóźwiak, 17 partners, clinical and research centers from Europe, USA and Australia are involved.

In spring 2016 the project titled EPIMARKER with budget over 10 mln zł, submitted by the Department of Child Neurology of Medical University of Warsaw, has been selected for financial support by National Centre of Research and Development. In this project, conducted by Departmet of Child Neurology Medical University of Warsaw, also The Children’s Memorial Health Institute, International Institute of Molecular and Cell, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology,  Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences and commercial partners: GENESIS Center for Medical Genetics, Transition Technologies and ELMIKO are participating.

Within first 12 months of Department's life, its doctors were the authors and co-authors of several papers published in reputable international medical journals.

In the Clinic we also provide pre- and postgraduate training courses and also organize medical conferences: 1st Conference of Rare Diseases (Autumn 2015), the courses: Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the neurological diseases in children (the next edition of the course is planned on 10-11th of March 2017).

Since 2015/2016 academic year the Students’ Scientific Group of Child Neurology is actively working in the Department.